Too Many Friends?

Too Many Friends

They say I have too many friends.

I never look at the phone when I wake up. I usually wake up around 7am and go wash up in my bathroom. I live with my best friend. He wakes up around an hour after I do. He has breakfast before washing up which is a little weird but who am I to judge?

We have breakfast, he usually makes mine too. If he’s feeling lazy or running late we just eat something pre-cooked that we got over the weekend. We then go out for a bit of fresh air and exercise. The crisp air in the morning is great on my skin. I feel like going for runs but he’s usually not up for it in the morning and, well, he is my best friend, so we just walk around.

We usually meet another one of my friends. She’s usually jogging around so we only say “Hi” from a distance. On the way back, we meet another one of my friends. He’s a little younger to me and very excitable, especially about his breakfast. You can usually see it on his lips and in his beard but who cares? I love him too.

We get home and my roommate gets ready for his job. He’s always in a hurry. I lounge around and wait for him to say goodbye before leaving. I don’t like this part of our day. I love spending time with him. Anyway. I have my own routine. I usually head to the balcony to meet another one of my friends. The next door neighbour. She’s cute and always nice to me. I love her too.

Then I head back inside and get to work. Cleaning is hard and usually takes a couple of hours. I always remember to drink water, it’s great for your skin. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am unemployed.

After my morning ritual, I usually take a nice long nap until lunchtime. After that I get my lunch. Usually it’s leftovers from dinner. Sometimes it’s that ready-to-eat stuff which is pretty nice too. I don’t stand those vegan pretenders. I love chicken. Fish is icky.

After lunch, I usually go out to take a walk again. It’s pretty nice around 4 when the sun isn’t up too high. I usually see the old man with newspaper near the cafe. He’s nice too. Usually pats me on the head like old people do. I like him, he’s my friend too.

The tall waitress at the cafe is also my friend. She usually has a little something for me. Her best friend is usually somewhere around the cafe and we hang out sometimes. He’s really short, which is funny because she is really tall. He’s a good guy though, I really like hanging out with him.

When I get home, my roommate is usually back from work. We just sit in front of the TV and relax for a while until it’s time for dinner. Sometimes his girlfriend comes over. She too is my friend. I love hanging out with her. She usually has something for me too.

We finally get to sleep by 11. I love meeting my friends every day. You can never have too many, can you? I love them all.

It was a good day. My tail wags as I turn round and round to find a comfortable spot. It was a good day….



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