My New Role Model

My Role Model Is….

Look Around

A Common Sight In Indian Households

The smile never wanes.

What are they Maid Of?

  1. Maids can expect to make anywhere between INR 40–100 per hour of their time. That may not sound too bad but..
  2. Maids have no contracts. They do not have fixed working hours nor holidays with pay and finally,
  3. Maids often lose their jobs with no notice. An argument with the employer(such as they are), a slight misstep can lead to a maid losing a job that may account for well over 30–40% of her income overnight. Bear in mind that their financial position rarely support such luxuries as savings and investments to fall back on.

Retirement Plans

Who’s the boss?

Why do they inspire?

Can we empower them?




Engineer. Optimist. Liberal.

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Yash Dubey

Yash Dubey

Engineer. Optimist. Liberal.

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