Hands reaching for streaming services on various devices — Netflix, Hulu, HBO, NBC

“You’ve got to watch the Bold Type”

“Jane is so flaky!”

“Jennifer is played by Jan from The Office!”

It is very 2020 (2021 is a remaster as far as I’m concerned) to be on a Zoom with beloved friends I haven’t met in a year and hear about the…

Humanity. The social species. Try as you might, isolation was best avoided. Even eschewed. Even frowned upon. One only had to look at North Korea.

As was she. Zipping past the peninsula, the South teeming with life; the North, a dark desolation around Pyongyang. As most westerners are wont to…


What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.

Why do we obsess over speed?

Fast is Better. Exciting. Thrilling. Awesome.

Why do we want to be the first? The best?

She woke up. Something was wrong. Where was the humming? The lights were off. She hoped she could make it across the room in the darkness. A few hesitant steps and some wild waving of her arms was in order. Pointless. Hoping to soothe her stubbed toe, she skipped across…

Too Many Friends?

They say I have too many friends.

I never look at the phone when I wake up. I usually wake up around 7am and go wash up in my bathroom. I live with my best friend. He wakes up around an hour after I do. …

Donald Trump reopens America.
Economy before life?

The curious dance of Western Democracy.

Against the magnificent backdrop of the Parthenon, Pericles, widely regarded as one of the fiercest proponents of democracy, delivered the Funeral Oration. The speech, delivered with immense technical skill, possibly laid the foundations of modern democracy, stitching the art of speech into the fibres of our daily lives.

Over 2,000…

Yash Dubey

Engineer. Optimist. Liberal.

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